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Friday, June 25, 2021

Powerful 3D Artistic CADCAM

For over 30 years, TYPE EDIT is the complete CAD/CAM software solution. Taking your ideas and drawings, through design and machining with 400+ powerful features in 3 interactive modules which packed with vector creation and manipulation tools, combined with 3D bas-relief.
TYPE EDIT compatible with Unicode, 64 bit, and available in 20+ languages. 
Applicable to Mold, Jewelry, Advertising, Stamping, Hot Stamping, Gift, Souvenir, Premium, Pewter, Ceramic, Glass, Plaster Wall, Cray, Timber, Wood Carving. Sculpturing products.
Characterized by unique modules and specific features, TypeEdit will completely satisfy your needs: simply engrave on a plate as well as 3D engraving onto a medal or place a logo on a complex shape with various import formats available in TYPE CAD, such as images, vectors, surfaces, mesh which is easy to manipulate files from third-party software.

Discover TypeEdit’s Unique 2D Module
TypeEdit provides powerful tools designed for technical and artistic drawing. Users can scan, vectorize and retouch images, illustrate legal texts and designs with a rich library. Specific functions make the user’s work easier and enable a wide range of graphic capabilities. From small watch engravings to large signs, TypeEdit adapts the accuracy to the working area and allows you to place all the coordinates precisely where you intended to machined.

TypeEdit offer you a premier 2D graphic package for reproducing text or logos with perfect adherence to the graphic standard. It includes the most advance and targeted professional tools and can be used for all kinds of compositions. TypeEdit converts the contours of the artwork in lines, arcs and curves. The resulting design can then be modified to meet your specific requirements. Imagine a metric or a series or use any other specific functions from the 2D module to create a technical or artistic design then cut, drill, nest and machine your composition with ease and with the utmost accuracy.

Flexible tool of 3D Artistic sculpting and Engraving
TypeArt includes tools for vector or bitmap editing, photo retouching, projection, mapping and rendering display as well as trade-specific functions to optimize creation and machining.

TypeArt is TypeEdit’s 3D design module. TypeArt allows the precise definition of even the most complex forms, giving a truly sculptural sweep and shape to the final result. What’s more, the TypeView module generates high quality realistic renderings of your creations with the ability to apply different materials and colors onto different zones of the design. The TypeArt module includes specific tools for mapping, modeling, retro-engineering, as well as artistic and detailed sculpting in the SculptArt module.

With TYPE ART, you can parametrically create 3D bas-reliefs from any 2D shape imported or drawn in the TYPE CAD module.

TypeART module can apply any type of texture on any type of surface. Textures can be generated from vectors transformed into 3D bas-reliefs, grey level images but also using a fractal-based algorithm. Convert raster files into 3D mesh using the PHOTO ART feature, the greyscale converter capable to build individual pixel to a Z level creating beautiful 3D bas-relief according to your desire.

Note : Click at photo for detail viewing

Built the 3D Relief from just the import photo which able to combined several artworks in one piece.
Combination of Artworks:

The wonderful of CAM module  
TypeEdit offers you an advanced set of features for all your graphics and creations works, 2D, 2.5D, 3D and cylindrical manufacturing

THE CAM Preview allow to check the Toolpath generation also able to check the estimation machining time individually.

Increase productivity, cut costs save time and generate new revenue streams with TypeCam.
No other artistic CAM software can compete with our algorithms. The tool is precisely programmed, it never goes to the same place twice and the cutting is always optimal. Quality is improved and the machining is noticeable faster. TypeCAM module includes easy access to various options which allow you to enter precise parameters and an NC simulation function to save time and efforts which allow you to preview the result before machining start! Reap the benefits of 3D cutting and engraving, prismatic letters, bas relief, combo die, intaglio, dedicated sculpting toolpaths and much more exclusively in TypeEdit.
TypeCAM gathered various smart toolpath strategies for cutting, engraving, drilling, sequencing, real prismatic letter dedicated to all CNC Router/Milling/Engraving machines. TypeCAM can organize your toolpath using the construction tree and modify the toolpaths calculated on the spot in layer or group.

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